Corporate Jet Acquisition and Global Leasing

Mint Air is an international aviation holding company engaged in corporate jet aircraft acquisition and global leasing to Part 135 Charter Operators. The Company specializes in mid-size to large corporate jet aircraft, including Boeing BBJ, Gulfstream GIV, Gulfstream G200, Citation Jet, and others.


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Corporate Jet Acquisition & Leasing

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Mitigated Risks

With commitments from charter operators before purchasing any aircraft, risk has been mitigated, especially with operators who currently hold a fleet of 15 or more jets.

Purchase Opportunity

The time is now to take advantage of the recent decline in aircraft prices to increase the return on investment by purchasing used planes in the aftermarket.

35+ years in aviation experience

approximately 600 aircraft delivered; Long term relationships with the top 25 charter operators in the US; Partnerships with operators that will pay a higher return than a conventional lease.

Increasing Demand

A consistent increase in private flight travel to keep families and employees safe in 2020 with gains continuing in market demands even as the pandemic subsides.


Recently, Mint Air was featured on the hit TV show The American Dream!

Executive Vice President Frank Dohn and CEO Brian Kendrick join hosts Helena and Shawn Noonan for a tour of the luxurious Carlsbad Jet Center. It’s a beautiful day in Southern California as they discuss the convenience and practicality of private jet travel and talk about the current Mint Air investment opportunity. They talk about the benefits of flying private and the various advantages to being able to fly into smaller airports unavailable to commercial planes. They also talk about the different aircraft used by Mint Air and give the viewers a sneak peek inside one of the magnificent Citation X luxury jets! After one look at how nice flying private can be, you’ll never want to fly commercial again! Like Frank says, “It’s the only way to fly!”

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Market Opportunity

The worldwide market for private jets totals 4.7 million flights annually. The US represents the vast majority of these flights, with 3.1 million annual flights or 65% of the market. Europe is the second largest segment accounting for 15% of the market, followed by Asia, South America and Canada.

The private jet aviation market consist of three segments:


The non-commercial segment, also known as Part 91 in the U.S. market, consists primarily of individual owned planes used for non-commercial purposes. In the U.S., it represents the largest segment on an activity basis with approximately 1.6 million annual flights.


The commercial segment, known as Part 135 in for profit purposes. This is the second largest segment of the U.S. market with annual flights of approximately 1.1 million.


The fractional segment is a multi- ownership structure where many individuals own a portion of the aircraft and share their access based on the ownership. This segment is the smallest segment, accounting for just under 400k flights in the U.S.

Our Focus

Mint Air addresses the Part 135 market. This segment consists of four plane types including turbo-prop, light jet, mid-size and heavy jet representing a total of 2.8 million annual flight hours and revenues of $10.7 billion. Within the Part 135 market, Mint Air focuses primarily on the mid-size and heavy jet segments. These two segments account for most of the market opportunity in the U.S. with annual revenues of $7.9 billion, or 74% of the total Part 135 market.

Our Strategy

Mint Air’s business strategy is to buy used aircraft in the open market and lease them to charter operators. By purchasing used planes in the aftermarket, Mint Air takes advantage of the recent decline in aircraft prices to increase the return on investment. From 2014 to 2019, as the charter market has improved, prices have declined substantially.

By providing charter operators with unencumbered access to its planes, they can avoid the high customer servicing and inefficiencies associated with the typical individual high-net- worth owners. As a result, Mint Air will receive priority with flights - resulting in the maximum lift for its planes. Mint Air’s strategy is to target the larger charter operators, who have a fleet of 15 or more, to provide them with additional capacity. The Company will require commitments from these charter operators before purchasing any aircraft to minimize any placement risk.

Our Leadership

Our management team possesses several leading competitive advantages, with 35+ years in aviation experience and approximately 600 aircraft delivered; relationships with many of the top 25 charter operators in the US and partnerships with operators that will pay a higher return than a conventional lease.

Brian Kendrick - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kendrick has over 30 years of aviation experience, with the most recent 20 years concentrating on operating aircraft on charter certificates. During his tenure in the industry, he operated charter fleets in excess of 25 aircraft and has sold over 600 aircrafts. Mr. Kendrick was one of the first west coast operators to obtain a Platinum rating with ARG/US.

Frank Dohn, CFA - Executive Vice President

Mr. Dohn is a Chartered Financial Analyst with 40 years of investment experience, including experience as a research analyst covering the financial sector. He has worked for various Wall Street institutions, including Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, Bank of America, and Wilmington Trust. Mr. Dohn has managed portfolios of high-net-worth individuals, including several entities with assets over $300 million.

Shane Huiberts, CPA - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Huiberts has over seven years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant for top global and national CPA firms as an external auditor for publicly traded and privately held companies. He has worked with CPA firms such as KPMG and Moss Adams.